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How to teach your young child about Easter

Mar 27, 2017   //   by admin   //   Uncategorized  //  No Comments

Easter is one of the most Holy and important days to Christians of all denominations, giving us the perfect time to think upon the birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and how we’re redeemed through Him. For young children, however, this can be a confusing time to understand the biblical accounts of Easter and other celebrations, such as egg hunts and bunnies.

Here is some help to ensure your young child can understand the biblical account of Easter and just how important is to all Christians.

Know your child’s level of understanding
All children develop in their own time, so it’s essential to teach them about Easter in concepts and stories they’ll benefit from. The main thing you need to convey is Jesus’ love for mankind, as it’ll help lay the groundwork for teaching them about His death and resurrection in the coming years. Teaching your children about Jesus’ death on the cross can come when they’re a bit older and can fully comprehend what you’re telling them, and it will build on their knowledge of Jesus’ love for all people.

Telling the story of Easter
Telling the story of Easter to young children in the right way will massively increase the likelihood that the child will keep God in their heart throughout their lives. Here are just a few things to keep in mind when you talk to young children about Easter:

• Avoid the brutality of Jesus’ death and tell your child about Easter in a way that doesn’t make them scared.
• Use scripture to reassure your child that Easter doesn’t end with Jesus’ death, but that Jesus arose and is alive. This will give your child hope, rather than making them despair.
• Talk about the Easter story in friendly, warm and reassuring tones.
• The message of Easter stands on its own, and you will only confuse your child by using confusing props and images, or secular traditions.

As well as in the church, your home is the perfect place to teach your children about scripture and Jesus’ love for all people, as you can reinforce the Bible’s teachings and help them to choose a good, Christian path. Look to your Sunday school teachers for support if you’re not quite sure where to begin, but as a parent, you have the best understanding of your child and how to most effectively lay the foundations for a Christian life.

Pilgrimage is a great way to get closer to the teachings of Jesus, and further develop your understanding of scripture. For more information, simply call us on 0161 839 1111 or get in touch online.

Dating Tips for Modern Christians

Mar 17, 2017   //   by admin   //   Uncategorized  //  No Comments

At times it can feel rather difficult being a Christian in today’s society, especially when you’re trying to date and find a long term partner. In the age of online dating and modern technology, it’s all too easy to forget the importance of God and focus on finding the best-looking, most attractive person possible. If you’re looking for a meaningful and Christian partner, there are a number of things you can do to present yourself as (and attract others who are) someone who upholds traditional Christian values such as godliness, purity, truth, righteousness, honour and joy.

Be authentic and honest
In order to place yourself in a good position to find a good Christian partner, you will need to be authentic and honest both about who you are and what you want. Not only will this help you to attract the kind of people you’re looking to find, it minimises any messiness later on. For example, if it’s important that you only date other Christians, you need to let people know this before you start dating. That way, you’ll have similar expectations from dating and any subsequent relationships.

Remember that your faith is an important part of your identity, and you should never hide it from potential dates.

Take your time once you’ve met them
If you’re dating online, it can be all too easy to build up a fantasy image in your head that the real person will never be able to match, so try not to leave it too long until you meet them for the first time. After that, if things go well and you want to keep in touch with them, resist the urge to quickly get into a relationship.

Whilst meeting someone you really like can be extremely exciting, but taking things slowly gives you the time to really get to know someone, find out if they’re truly faithful to God and if you’d be compatible as a couple.

Hold yourself accountable
Many Christians are using online dating in an attempt to find other Christians, but with the rise of online dating, fewer of us than ever really hold ourselves accountable and communicate honestly with each other. By letting your date know whether or not you want to see them again, you make things for them a lot easier and you’ll feel far better moving on with your life.

Open your heart and your mind
If you’ve spent a long time on online dating sites, you may want to review everything you have listed. If you have very strict criteria for age, height, income and appearance, you aren’t opening yourself up to meeting a kind, godly person who you may just find that ‘spark’ with. Ideally, you need to look for someone kind, wise and who you can one day see being your spouse in a Christian family.

Consult God
When you’re dating, the best thing you can do is take plenty of time with God and think very carefully about the people you’re meeting and if any of them are worth you investing your time and emotion in. Dating is ultimately about building trust with another person, and if that isn’t happening, you may need God’s guidance about what to do next.

Pilgrimages can make an excellent honeymoon where you can share in your love for each other and your love for God. For more information, simply give us a call on 0161 839 1111 or get in touch online.

Practical ways to teach your children about God

Feb 20, 2017   //   by admin   //   Uncategorized  //  No Comments

Many new parents worry about how they’ll introduce God and Christianity to their children through their everyday actions, outside of going to church. Children are so inquisitive and can easily ask hundreds of questions every day, which when combined with the stresses of day to day life, can make it almost impossible to sit them down and talk to them about God. Instead, there are things you can do throughout your day as part of your day-to-day life that will introduce your children to God and your faith.

Let your children see and hear you pray
You don’t need to make your children listen to you praying for long amounts of time. Simply praying to God for His help throughout the day is enough to encourage them to seek God’s help and assistance through prayer. Whilst praying isn’t God answering every request you make for an easy life, you need to show that God will always listen and wants to hear you.

Pray with your children
By taking some time, even if it’s just in the evening, to pray with your children, you can teach them how to pray and show them that it’s a positive experience. Remember that children don’t have as long an attention span as adults, so quick prayers are perfect to say with your children.

Let your children know that God made them and loves them
One of the easiest things you can do to introduce your children to God is to tell them that God made them and that God loves them for who they are. By ensuring that your children hear this every day, you will be encouraging their interest in God, and helping them to start the most important relationship they’ll ever have.

Pray to God for His help to teach your children about him
If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him [James 1:5] Praying to God for help about introducing Him to your children may seem obvious, but it’s one of the best things you can do if you’re looking for ways to introduce God to your children and show them how important faith is.

At ITS Travel, we’re experts in pilgrimage tours in Israel, Europe and the world. For more information, simply call us on 0161 839 1111 or get in touch online today.


Feb 13, 2017   //   by admin   //   Uncategorized  //  No Comments

Day 1 Sunday 12th November UK- Israel
Depart London Heathrow terminal 4 on El Al Israel Airlines scheduled service LY318 to Ben Gurion Airport departing at 22.30 hours and arriving in Israel the following day.

Day 2 Monday 13th November Tel Aviv – The Galilee
Arrival at Ben Gurion Airport at 05.20hrs, meeting assistance by Diesenhaus Unitours representative. Breakfast en route Drive on to Caesarea; see the excavations of the Crusader City, the Herodian Port. Proceed to Mount Carmel, the site of the encounter between the Prophet Elijah and the Baal priests. Continue to Nazareth where Jesus spent his early years and visit Mary’s Well and the Church of the Annunciation. Just north of Nazareth is the village of Cana, the site of Jesus’ first miracle. Drive to Tiberias

Day 3 Tuesday 14th November – Sea of Galilee
Start the day with a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee. Onwards to Capernaum, centre of Jesus’ Ministry, – located here are the ruins of an ancient synagogue, and the site of Peter’s House. Visit Taghba and Mensa Christi, then to the Mount of Beatitudes. Yardenit – the traditional site of the baptism of Jesus. Transfer to Jerusalem for dinner and overnight stay.

Day 4 Wednesday 15th November- Old City of Jerusalem
Begin the day’s tour on the Mount of Olives for a breathtaking view of the entire city. See Bethpage, Chapel of the Ascension, Pater Noster Church. Walk down the traditional Palm Sunday route to, Dominus Flevit, the Church of All Nations and the Garden of Gethsemane. Tomb of Mary. Enter in Old City through St Stephen’s Gate, see Pool of Bethesda (Pool of the Five Porches) & St Anne’s Church. Onwards to Flagellation, Sisters of Zion, Ecce Homo Church, walk the Via Dolorosa and enter the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. End the day at the Garden Tomb

Day 5 Thursday 16th November – Dead Sea
Depart Jerusalem for Bethlehem, then descend to the Dead Sea – pass The Inn of the Good Samaritan, drive along the shores to Qumran, where the Dead Sea scrolls were found. Time permitting – drive to a nearby oasis and relax and enjoy an opportunity to “ float” in the Dead Sea. Before returning to Jerusalem,

Day 6 Friday 17th November Israel – UK
Transfer to Ben Gurion Airport for your El Al scheduled flight LY315 flight to London Heathrow ,departing at 09.05 and arriving at 12.35hrs..

Rt Rev Moses Owusu-Sekyere

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Rt Rev Moses Owusu-Sekyere
Bishop, Word of Faith Mission &
Apostolic Pastoral Congress
(South-East London Diocese)

Tel: 07944459653
Email: [email protected] or [email protected]

How to successfully share your faith in the workplace

Feb 8, 2017   //   by admin   //   Uncategorized  //  No Comments

Our love and faith in Jesus Christ is a major part of our identity as Christians, and this love naturally carries through to all aspects of our lives, even the workplace. Despite recent news stories, there are a number of ways you can integrate your faith into the workplace in a safe and successful way, and maintain your professionalism and integrity.

Listen to your co-workers
Asking your colleagues sincere questions about their lives and genuinely listening to them from a point of care will both develop genuine friendship and show them the love and care Jesus Christ has for us all. Whenever you feel it’s appropriate, let them know you’re praying for them (for instance, if they have an ill relative).

Don’t hide how important your faith is
Don’t hide how much happiness and purpose your faith gives you in the workplace. If it fits naturally into the conversation you’re having, you should talk to your colleagues about how important your church, Scripture, prayer and your Christian community is to your life.

Initiate charity drives in the workplace
A great way to show how much God loves all people is to take a leading role in your workplace’s charity work. Whether you organise a food collection for a local food bank, bake sales or blood donation, this will give you the perfect opportunity to show and share with your colleagues how God’s love motivates you.

Start a prayer group
Especially if you work in a large organisation, start or join a prayer group or Bible study group.

Work hard
You should always strive for excellence in the workplace and ensure your colleagues rely on you for integrity and a job well done.

Develop friendships out of office hours
As your friendships develop, invite your non-Christian friends for lunch or coffee away from the workplace. Not only will it help you both to open up and further develop your friendship, and will give you the opportunity to talk more directly about your faith.

Invite colleagues along
If you’re particularly close to any of your colleagues, or you have colleagues who seem interested in learning more about the Christian faith, extend an invitation to social events with your church friends or to social events being held by your church. If you’re approaching Christmas or Easter, why not invite interested colleagues to church with you? Many people who don’t normally come to church will often at least think about it at these times of year.

At ITS Travel, we work with lots of Christian groups helping them to organise pilgrimages for sacred sites across the world. If your workplace’s bible study and prayer group are looking to go on pilgrimage, simply get in touch online or call us today on 0161 839 1111.

When should I go on Pilgrimage?

Feb 8, 2017   //   by admin   //   Uncategorized  //  No Comments

There are a number of points in our lives where we tend to grow more spiritually aware, or feel as if we’re searching for something more meaningful than the realities of everyday life. It’s at these times that many of us feel a calling to go on pilgrimage, such as when we’re first entering adulthood, reaching middle age or retirement. It may be a dramatic change in circumstances, such as bereavement or divorce that acts as a catalyst for going on pilgrimage. Either way, you’ll find you come back with some new, comforting experiences that will help you to move into the next stage of your life.

Practical considerations
The second consideration you’ll need to factor in to your pilgrimage is which time of year to go. You may want to visit a place at a certain time of the year to enjoy a certain religious festival, or you may want to go at a time of year where the weather won’t be too warm or cold. All of these are practical considerations to take into account when you go on pilgrimage.

What if I’m leading a pilgrimage group?
Whether you’re a church leader or simply organising a pilgrimage for your group of people, you will need to take into account the circumstances of your fellow pilgrims. You will need to give them plenty of time to raise funds for the pilgrimage, and make sure that everyone is happy with the location of the pilgrimage.

ITS Travel will be able to help you develop an itinerary based on the needs of your pilgrimage and advise you on the best times to go. We’ll help you to pick a destination and all the religious sites you can visit, as well as any feast days, festivals or other religious events going on at that time.

Pilgrimages are a very healing experience for your congregation, and you may find that they receive the guidance and spiritual guidance and support they need, especially if they’re going through a difficult time.

For more information about ITS Travel can help you decide when to go on pilgrimage, simply call 0161 839 1111 or send us a message online.

Pastor Dr Shadrach – Israel – Freedom Centre Itinerary

Jan 20, 2017   //   by admin   //   Uncategorized  //  No Comments

Day 1 Sunday 18th November UK- Israel
Depart London Heathrow on flight LY318 night flight 22.30 -05.20

Day 2 Monday 19th November Tel Aviv – The Galilee
Arrival at Ben Gurion Airport, at 05.20hrs AM where you will be met and given assistance by Diesenhaus Unitours representative. Breakfast en route. Drive to Jaffa (Biblical Joppa), the ancient seaport from which the Prophet Jonah fled from God (Jonah 1:17) and the city where Peter stayed with Simon the Tanner and restored Tabitha (Acts 9:36-43) Continue to Megiddo (1 Kings 9:15), revelations 16:16) the Biblical Armageddon, excavation site of more than 20 layers of ancient civilisations. View King Solomon’s stable and the underwater cistern. Continue to Nazareth where Jesus spent his early years and visit Mary’s Well and the Church of the Annunciation. Just north of Nazareth is the village of Cana, the site of Jesus’ first miracle. Drive to Tiberias for dinner and overnight

Day 3 Tuesday 20th November – Sea of Galilee – Jerusalem
Start the day with a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee. Visit Taghba and Mensa Christi, then to the Mount of Beatitudes. Visit Kursi, the New Testament Gergesenes, overlooking the western shores of the Sea of Galilee, site of the Miracle of the Gaderene Swine. Visit Yardenit. Transfer to Jerusalem for dinner and overnight stay.

Day 4 Wednesday 21st November- Dead Sea Scrolls Museum and Bethlehem
Begin the day’s with a visit to the Western Wall, then onwards to the Israel Museum – see the Shrine of the Book – the Dead Sea Scrolls museum and the Models of the Old City at the time of Jesus. On wards to Bethlehem, the Church of the Nativity, Manager Square, and view Shepherds Fields. An opportunity will be given to purchase arts and olive wood crafts made locally in a Christian gift shop. Jerusalem for dinner and overnight stay

Day 5 Thursday 22nd November – Dead Sea
Depart Jerusalem and descend the Judean Wilderness, via the Inn of the Good Samaritan, to the lowest place on earth-the Dead Sea. Drive along the shore to Massada and ascend by cable car. Tour this mountaintop fortress, which was the last stronghold of the Jews against the Romans. Drive to a nearby oasis and relax and enjoy an opportunity to “ float” in the Dead Sea. Before returning to Jerusalem, visit the Qumran caves where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered. Jerusalem for dinner and overnight stay

Day 6 Friday 23rd November Israel – UK
Early morning transfer to Ben Gurion Airport for your El Al flight home to London Heathrow LY315 09.05 -12.35.

Caroline Dempsey

Jan 16, 2017   //   by admin   //   Uncategorized  //  No Comments

I am an experienced World Traveller having led ecumenical groups to Israel, Greece and Jordan, also part of other groups in Italy and Turkey.

A retired teacher, trained Lay Minister and Spiritual Director with a great sense of humour. Interested in developing a further dimension of God’s teaching through travelling in Christ’s footsteps. All are welcome to join us on this most exciting trip.

CRUSADERS IN THE HOLY LAND – ISRAEL – Mrs Caroline Dempsey – 29th November – 6th December 2017

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Day 1 Wednesday 29th Novemebr UK – ISRAEL
Depart UK for Israel – the Holy Land. Arrive in the evening, where our local representatives, Diesenhaus – Unitours, will help you with the formalities at Ben Gurion Airport. After passing through customs you will be introduced to your guide and driver, who will be with you throughout your pilgrimage. Transfer to your kibbutz guest- house on the shores of the Sea of Galilee

Day 2 Thursday 30th Novemeber UPPER GALILEE
Visit Safed, Monfort Castle, Acre overnight Sea of Galilee

Day 3 Friday 1st December TIBERIAS
Full day sightseeing visiting Appolonia and Caesarea Maratima. Overnight Sea of Galilee

Day 4 Saturday 2nd December SEA OF GALILEE
Full day tour visiting Nazareth via the Horns of Hittim and Jacobs Ford – overnight Sea of Galilee

Day 5 Sunday 3rd December
Day at leisure – optional tour – boat trip on the Sea of Galilee, Mt of Beatitudes, Tabgha, Mensa Christi – Yardenit.

Day 6 Monday 4th December TIBERIAS – JERUSALEM
Full day sightseeing on transfer to Jerusalem, Kohav- Hayarden (Belvoir), Jordan Valley , Masada– Overnight Jerusalem

Day 7 Tuesday 5th December JERUSALEM – BETHLEHEM
Full day sightseeing Mt of Olives, Palm Sunday Route, St. Stephen’s Gate, Via Dolorosa, Church of the Holy Sepulchre; afternoon in Bethlehem – Church of Nativity – overnight Jerusalem.

Day 8 Wednesday 6th December Israel – UK
Early departure and transfer to Airport

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