Christian Pilgrimage Operators Manchester

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Ever since 1991, the team at ITS Travel have been helping Christian individuals and groups go on pilgrimage around the world, to locations including The Holy Land, France, Malta, Italy, Greece, Ireland, Jordan and plenty more.

We specialise in bespoke and escorted pilgrimage tours to ensure you and your family, or group, has the experience of a lifetime. As well as our standard itineraries, we will happily work with you to make an itinerary that meets all your spiritual needs, finding you the most important Christian sites to visit throughout your pilgrimage.

At ITS Travel, we’re renowned for providing knowledgeable pilgrimages to Israel and other religious locations, so much so that we have a number of awards and recognition from the British Israel Chamber of Commerce and the Israel Government Tourism Office. As such, you can rest assured that when you book your Christian pilgrimage through ITS Travel, you will enjoy our unrivalled level of expertise and a smooth journey. All this expertise allows us to focus on organising your pilgrimage and frees you to focus on strengthening and deepening your connection to God.

Manchester Christian Pilgrimage Tour Operators
ITS Travel is based in Manchester, and we’ve long been a leading Christian pilgrimage operator in the city. We know how important going on pilgrimage is to you, which is why we’ll do everything within our power to make your pilgrimage perfect and live by our company motto, “The Company that Cares”.

Being a UK based pilgrimage tour operator, we are proud to be an ABTA member, ensuring you have access to ABTA’s assistance should you need it at any point of your pilgrimage. Should a supplier fail in delivering a service or product, the flight-plus and packages we sell are covered by a scheme in place to protect your money.

In addition to this, there are a number of reasons it makes sense to book your pilgrimage with ITS Travel, one such example being that we use our experience and association with our Israeli agents to find you the lowest possible prices and increase your value for money.

Whether you’re a church or lay leader looking to organise a church pilgrimage or you want a once-in-a-lifetime family pilgrimage to one of Christianity’s holy sites, don’t hesitate to send us a message or call us directly on 0161 839 1111 today.

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