Manchester Cathedral – Dean Rogers Govender

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I am married to Celia and have two children Jonathan (30) and Claire (25). For the past twelve years I
have served as Dean of Manchester. I have learnt much about how a city and diocese operates and
the importance of networks and partnership working to achieve the purposes of God in mission,
ministry and outreach to the community. I have also learnt much about project development and
fundraising. Moreover, I have also been able to apply faith and realism to vision building and
delivery of our plans to develop the Cathedral for the 21st century. My current work also enables me
to live out my faith convictions as I work with peoples of all faiths or none, and seek to make the
Cathedral a hospitable place for all people.

I am very comfortable working within my own faith tradition and also in multi-faith or inter-faith
contexts. As dean of a Cathedral I am well placed to apply my skills in networking with business,
community groups, civic and political organisations, local and central government and other
agencies in our society. I am convinced that partnership working is crucial if we are to serve well and
develop both Church and society for the common good. In these ways I have worked hard to raise
the profile of my Cathedral and am pleased that this is much appreciated by significant leaders and
organisations in the city of Manchester and beyond.

My reading interest includes history, biographies, spirituality, theology, and leadership. I am a keen
cook and enjoy walking and fishing. I also enjoy travel and over the past few years have travelled to
the US, Israel, Palestine, Finland, Barbados, Portugal and Australia.
22 May 2017

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