Education Tour to Israel – Mr Adrian J. Cohen of ITS Pilgrimages

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Adrian is the Managing Director of ITS Pilgrimages and has led multiple educational tours to numerous pilgrimage destinations.

This tour is designed for clergy and/ or lay leaders who wish to one day lead their own pilgrimage tour to Holy Land. The basic cost of the tour will be refunded to the participants when he/she takes out their own pilgrimage tour. The tour is designed for the first time visitor and they will enjoy seeing the scriptures ‘come to life’.

Please note that each parish and /or potential leader is entitled to one place at the very special basic price of £440.00. For an accompanying spouse/companion, they pay the basic charge plus an additional supplement of £300.00. A very small number of single rooms are available at a supplement of £330.00. In addition to this each participant will have to pay airport taxes and current fuel surcharges – which are at the time of writing £280.00. There is also a small charge of £2.50 per person, which is the C.A.A. levy.

The group in size we expect to be 25/30 passengers.

We only allow one representative per church and it must be from a UK based church.

Please be advised that we adhere to a multi-denominational policy.

Allow me to remind you that this is an educational tour and so organised. All those involved – from the airline El Al, down to the guide are subsidising this tour – to enable you to see and enjoy the marvels of the Holy Land and to help you plan, one day in the near future, your own group your own tour.

Your on line booking form – is at ‘request’ status until verified by your completion of our application form (which we shall forward to you) and our written confirmation, where we shall request a non refundable deposit of £200.00 per person

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