Egypt – Nile Cruise (10 days)

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Egypt – Nile Cruise (10 days)


Day 1
Embarkation on cruise in Cairo.
Dinner on board.
Music in the bar.
Overnight in Cairo.


Day 2
06:00 Breakfast on board.
07:00 Transfer to Wadi Natroun to visit the three main monasteries ( Sorian ,
Paramos & St. Bishoy )
Lunch will be at the monasteries – from the supplies of the monasteries
Drive will take almost one and half hours and the visit will take almost 03 hours
without lunch
Lunch will take 45 minutes to one hour depending on the number of the clients
13:30 Take the road back to the boat
Dinner on board.
Overnight in Cairo.


Day 3
07:00 Breakfast on Board
08:00 Transfer to Mattareya area and the drive takes almost one hour in case of
heavy traffic. Reach the area to visit the tree of the virgin Mary and then head of Mustorod
( 10 KM out of Cairo using the ring road ) to visit there St. Mary Church in
12:00 Lunch on board
13:30 Transfer to Old Cairo to Visit Abu Sirga Church and the hanging church and on the way back visit Maadi Church and then head to the boat
Overnight in Cairo


Day 4
05:00 Start sailing to Beni Suef.
16:00 Arrive Beni Suef
16:30 Transfer to Bayad El Arab ( Nasara ) Monastery which is 07 KM from the
docking area / East The Nile
We take Beni Suef bridge to cross the Nile and 10 minute drive to there
We will be welcomed by the monks and enjoy having tea, cake and cookies in this fascinating monastery which is located on the Nile Bank.
Overnight in Beni Suef.


Day 6
Sail to Minya
Overnight Minya.

Day 5
06:00 Breakfast on board
07:00 As per history the origin of the two oldest monasteries in the whole world
St. Paul & St. Anthony in Beni Suef
When the people started to gather around them a lot and burden them with
their blessing requests they moved to the desert near the red sea.
There is a new road called Beni Suef – Zaafarana which is very smooth and well
To reach St. Anthony it is 140 KM ( almost 02 and half hour drive ) where they can visit the monastery and stop to view the cave where St. Anthony used to pray in ( there are almost 1700 steps to reach the top of the cave ) therefore we will only stop to view and not climb up to the cave
The visit will take almost one and half hour
11:30 Transfer to St. Paul ( 30 KM drive ) to visit the monastery
The visit will take one hour
12:30 Transfer to Zaafarana rest house which will take 10 minute drive
They could have proper lunch there as there are varieties of grilled food there
14:00 Transfer back to Beni Suef
Drive for almost two and half hours back
On the way back we will stop to view the two origins of the monasteries in Beni Suef
Overnight in Beni Suef


Day 7
07:00 Breakfast on board.
08:00 Transfer to Samalout – One hour drive – to visit Gebel El Ter Monastery
The visit will take almost one and half hours
11:30 Transfer back to the boat.
12:00 Lunch on board
13:00 Transfer to Abu Henes Monastery ( Between Beni Hassan & Amarana )
The drive will take almost one hour and 15 minutes
The visit will take one and half hour
16:00 Transfer back to the boat
Overnight Minya

Day 8
05:00 Sail to Amarana
Transfer to Deir El Barsha in Amarna to visit.
The drive will take almost 15 minute
The visit will take one and half hours
12:30 Transfer back to the boat
13:00 Sail to Asyut & Overnight


Day 9
07:00 Breakfast on board
08:00 Transfer to El Muharraq Monastery – which is one and half hour drive
The visit will take almost one and half hour
11:00 Transfer to Dronka Monastery – 30 minute drive
The visit will take one hour
13:00 Transfer back to the boat
14:30 Lunch on board
Overnight in Asyut.


Day 10
07:00 Breakfast on board
08:00 Disembarkation


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