Five Ways that Spirituality Can Reduce Stress

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There is an inherent link between stress and heart disease. This has been proven continually by research and case studies the world over. The World Heart Federation outlines the fact that an inherent linear progression between self-reported psychological stress and damage to the carotid artery. It has been proven that stress fundamentally alters the way that body behaves. This can prompt negative effects on your heart health.

In simple terms, spirituality is an attitude or approach to life. It doesn’t need to be inherently connected to religious belief or an individual belief system. Spirituality means different things to different people. Some believe in religious observance, prayer, meditation, or belief in a higher power, whilst others find spirituality in nature, music and art.

So, how can spirituality help you manage stress?

Spirituality puts greater purpose in anyone’s life. Recognising our true potential allows us to put everyday problems into perspective. Those that have taken spirituality to heart understand that life will put bumps in the road throughout our journey.  By overcoming such bumps without giving in to stress and upset, you will enjoy a greater faith in your personal powers, feeling happy, excited, alive and exhilarated.

Spirituality will allow you to focus on what’s truly important. Life can push and pull you in all different directions, causing unquenchable anxiety. It’s important to clearly define your priorities in order to avoid feeling overwhelmed. Spirituality allows us to identify what’s important and less go of situations that are not worth stressing about.

Power is gained through prayer. By praying you are connecting yourself with a higher power, instilling confidence and leaving us with a calmer, safer, and more grounded feeling. This will act as a buffer against stress.

Spiritual Expression Can Build Friendships

Spiritual individuals seek the guidance of other spiritual individuals. They build connections with such like-minded people. Studies have found that stress management is one of the great benefits of friendships. This is only enhanced with the added bonus of spirituality.

Attitude Shift

Inner peace is directly affected by the way that you view the world around you. Spirituality allows you to view the world from a different perspective. Consistent practice allows us to cultivate attitudes that support serenity, and focus on the positive. Over time, a person’s attitude will shift from negative to positive.

These are five of the ways that spirituality can reduce your stress, and enhance your life. If you haven’t considered the benefits of bringing spirituality into your life, perhaps now’s the time.

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