How Much do you Know about the Assumption of Mary?

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The Assumption of Mary is an internationally celebrated Christian festival falling on the 15th August. Many Christians consider this day to be the day when the Virgin Mary ascended to heaven, having come to the end of her life of earth. In the past, the festival was celebrated with bonfires in the night and public illuminations and some cultures threw coins into the street in order to spread prosperity.

The colour blue is popular for the celebration, symbolising both truth and clarity, as well as being the traditional colour for both the Virgin Mary and Heaven. Lilies are also a common sight during the Assumption of Mary as they symbolise simplicity, purity and divinity.

How is the Assumption of Mary celebrated throughout the world?
In both the USA and Italy, streets are decorated in lights of different colours and there are fireworks in the night. Rome is home to the bowing procession, probably the most important event throughout the day, is where a statue of the Virgin Mary is taken through stunning archways of flowers towards another group of people holding a statue of Jesus, symbolising him waiting for her arrival in Heaven.

Similar events take place in Brazil and the procession of Our Lady of Navigators is a popular feast there, and in France the Assumption of Mary is seen as a monumental holiday.

Greece and the surrounding islands see the Assumption of Mary as a popular summer festival, and the small state of Andorra not only has a day of prayer, they have made the day a national holiday.

In Guatamala, the Assumption of Mary is celebrated by friends and family exchanging gifts and handing out food, as well as spending time together and organising large family feasts.

A global festival of love and peace
The Assumption of Mary is a festival focused on love and peace, celebrated by Christians all over the world with their own traditions and customs.

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