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This article is replacing ‘Travel Tips’ this month.

So you have decided to go on holiday, hope my list of Ten Tips helps you not to forget important things.


  1. Set up a folder with the print outs of: – e tickets, hotel confirmations, travel insurance documents, photocopies of your passports and telephone numbers of your airline and hotel.
  2. Give all your holiday details to a close relative, neighbour or friend
  3. Make sure someone keeps an eye on your house whilst you are away, give someone your key to collect all the mail and to water your plants.
  4. If you have booked with a travel agent all the arrangements make sure you have their telephone number with you.
  5. If you have booked all the arrangements yourself – carry with you the details of the local British Consulate (just in case)
  6. Try and pay as much of your local bills in cash i.e. local currency – this I do to avoid bills when I come home and also reduces the risk of my credit card being cloned in a foreign land.
  7. Make sure your mobile phone is not set on roaming in order to avoid huge charges. For free Internet go to McDonalds or Starbucks.
  8. Have warm clothes for when you arrive back in the UK. Those who arrive here in shorts and a T-shirt in mid-winter are asking for sick leave!
  9. Always drink plenty of bottled water, use sun block and always wear a hat– it is so easy to dehydrate and ruin a good holiday.
  10. If people want to call you from the UK  – then to avoid charges for the incoming calls – get an Ekit sim card
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