How to Bring a Non-Believing Friend to Church

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Despite research showing that fewer people are attending church every year, the vast majority of people, whether they have faith or not, are open minded about attending church, and will often agree to when you invite them. Provided that your church ensures they welcome new faces, and focuses on the worship, love and truth of Christ, you’ll find that your friend enjoys their time at church, and may start attending regularly. Here are some ways you can help and encourage your friend to attend church with you on Sunday.

Pray for them

If your friend needs the help of Jesus, praying regularly for them can make a difference. Asking God to enter their hearts is the first step you should take for a friend in need. It’s such an obvious step, but so many of us overlook it.

Speak to them about Church in a calm and friendly way

Many people have an incorrect view of Christianity as being an intolerant and negative institution, which means many of us get scared about talking about our faith. However, Jesus died for our sins, so the very least we can do is to approach our loved ones about accompanying us to church. You may be surprised at just how often people will say yes to this question, and if you’ve been praying for them, it could be that God has already started working in them.

Show them that you love them

Showing your friend that you love them and care about them, and that that is the reason you’re inviting them to church is far more likely to result in them accompanying you. By going the extra mile, and showing them you’re not just recruiting people for your church, you can show them just how important they are to you and to Jesus. Simple ways of showing your care include:
• Coffee before church
• Going for lunch together afterwards
• Giving them a copy of The Bible
• A ‘thank you’ note

Get your mutual friends involved

If you and your friends in church all want to encourage the same person to come to church, a good idea is to meet up with them beforehand as a prayer group, and ask your friend to participate. They may gain the courage needed to attend church if they know their friends are behind them and will support them.

Offer compassion to people in your everyday life

In today’s busy and stressful world, it can be all too easy to rush about your life, seeing through people and focussing on yourself. Through just simple things, such as smiling at people, telling someone they’re doing a good job, or simply saying thank you, you will find God offers evermore opportunities for you to invite your friends and family to church.
If you and your church group are looking to take a pilgrimage and get closer to God, our friendly team are waiting to help you. Simply get in touch or call 0161 839 1111 today.

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