How to successfully share your faith in the workplace

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Our love and faith in Jesus Christ is a major part of our identity as Christians, and this love naturally carries through to all aspects of our lives, even the workplace. Despite recent news stories, there are a number of ways you can integrate your faith into the workplace in a safe and successful way, and maintain your professionalism and integrity.

Listen to your co-workers
Asking your colleagues sincere questions about their lives and genuinely listening to them from a point of care will both develop genuine friendship and show them the love and care Jesus Christ has for us all. Whenever you feel it’s appropriate, let them know you’re praying for them (for instance, if they have an ill relative).

Don’t hide how important your faith is
Don’t hide how much happiness and purpose your faith gives you in the workplace. If it fits naturally into the conversation you’re having, you should talk to your colleagues about how important your church, Scripture, prayer and your Christian community is to your life.

Initiate charity drives in the workplace
A great way to show how much God loves all people is to take a leading role in your workplace’s charity work. Whether you organise a food collection for a local food bank, bake sales or blood donation, this will give you the perfect opportunity to show and share with your colleagues how God’s love motivates you.

Start a prayer group
Especially if you work in a large organisation, start or join a prayer group or Bible study group.

Work hard
You should always strive for excellence in the workplace and ensure your colleagues rely on you for integrity and a job well done.

Develop friendships out of office hours
As your friendships develop, invite your non-Christian friends for lunch or coffee away from the workplace. Not only will it help you both to open up and further develop your friendship, and will give you the opportunity to talk more directly about your faith.

Invite colleagues along
If you’re particularly close to any of your colleagues, or you have colleagues who seem interested in learning more about the Christian faith, extend an invitation to social events with your church friends or to social events being held by your church. If you’re approaching Christmas or Easter, why not invite interested colleagues to church with you? Many people who don’t normally come to church will often at least think about it at these times of year.

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