How to teach your young child about Easter

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Easter is one of the most Holy and important days to Christians of all denominations, giving us the perfect time to think upon the birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and how we’re redeemed through Him. For young children, however, this can be a confusing time to understand the biblical accounts of Easter and other celebrations, such as egg hunts and bunnies.

Here is some help to ensure your young child can understand the biblical account of Easter and just how important is to all Christians.

Know your child’s level of understanding
All children develop in their own time, so it’s essential to teach them about Easter in concepts and stories they’ll benefit from. The main thing you need to convey is Jesus’ love for mankind, as it’ll help lay the groundwork for teaching them about His death and resurrection in the coming years. Teaching your children about Jesus’ death on the cross can come when they’re a bit older and can fully comprehend what you’re telling them, and it will build on their knowledge of Jesus’ love for all people.

Telling the story of Easter
Telling the story of Easter to young children in the right way will massively increase the likelihood that the child will keep God in their heart throughout their lives. Here are just a few things to keep in mind when you talk to young children about Easter:

• Avoid the brutality of Jesus’ death and tell your child about Easter in a way that doesn’t make them scared.
• Use scripture to reassure your child that Easter doesn’t end with Jesus’ death, but that Jesus arose and is alive. This will give your child hope, rather than making them despair.
• Talk about the Easter story in friendly, warm and reassuring tones.
• The message of Easter stands on its own, and you will only confuse your child by using confusing props and images, or secular traditions.

As well as in the church, your home is the perfect place to teach your children about scripture and Jesus’ love for all people, as you can reinforce the Bible’s teachings and help them to choose a good, Christian path. Look to your Sunday school teachers for support if you’re not quite sure where to begin, but as a parent, you have the best understanding of your child and how to most effectively lay the foundations for a Christian life.

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