Jordan’s Most Sacred Pilgrimage Sites You Should Visit

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With its wealth of history and Christian pilgrimage sites, Jordan is a great place to go on pilgrimage, whether you’re a group of individuals or as part of a church pilgrimage. At ITS Travel, we’ve listed our favourite pilgrimage sites in Jordan for you to visit whilst you’re on pilgrimage.

Our Lady of the Mount Church, Anjara
Our Lady of the Mount Church is built around a cave where Jesus, the Virgin Mary and his disciples took shelter on a trip from Jerusalem to Galilee. There is a shrine to Our Lady of the Mountain where thousands of pilgrims visit from all around the world.

Herod’s fortress Machaerus
Built around 90BC by the Hasmonean king Alexander Jannaeus, the fortress Machaerus had an important strategic position. Being difficult to access but easy to see, it was eventually destroyed by Gabinius before being re-built by Herod the Great in 30BC. Herod Anitpas inherited it and it was during this time that John the Baptist was imprisoned and beheaded at the fortress.

Al-Maghtas (Bethany Beyond the Jordan)
Set on the east bank of the river Jordan, Al-Maghtas is considered to be the location of the baptism of Jesus and the ministry of John the Baptist. The site has been recognised as a holy place since the Byzantine period, and you can even get baptised at this place today.

It is also the site where the Prophet Elijah halted the water of the river Jordan, walked to the eastern bank and then ascended to heaven in a chariot of fire.

Mount Nebo
Mount Nebo is the place where God gave Moses a view of the Promised Land of Israel, and when you reach the summit, not only will you have a panoramic view of the Holy Land, you’ll be able to see the valley of the River Jordan, the city of Jericho and on a very clear day, Jerusalem. Moses is said to be buried somewhere on Mount Nebo, although no-one is sure where.

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