A Tour Leaders Guidance Notes

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A Tour Leaders Guidance Notes

Step 1 – How to gather your group
• Announce details in your church and if possible at other churches in your region.
• Print details in your church newsletter
• Place a list for interested people to fill in on your church noticeboard.
• If your church has a web site/Facebook page/social media etc. add details of your pilgrimage.
• Raffle a free place
• Hold an interest event and invite a speaker; show a video and give details of your tour and answer any questions – see link https://itstravel.co.uk/faqs-2/

Step 2 – What are your responsibilities once the group is formed?
• Ensure that all participants arrive at the airport on time.
• Have with you their mobile telephone numbers and next of kin details

Step 3 – What are your responsibilities once you arrive at the destination?
• Gather the group together at luggage hall upon arrival at your destination
• Check everyone’s luggage has arrived undamaged.
• Ensure all airline luggage tags are removed.
• Meet your guide and the first opportunity and have a one to one meeting and go through the itinerary and share your expectations from the trip. Give the guide as much information about the group as possible, i.e. average age, lesser abled, special needs, and if shopping is required.
• Make sure that you and the group have a wake-up call. Set an alarm for yourself as a back up
• On your coach sit opposite the guide, so you can liaise easily.
• Give normal pastoral care to all participants.
• Lead in worship and prayer at the selected sites and advise the guide on faith issues.
• Collect and pay the gratuities to the guide and driver – if not included in the price. If in Israel we suggest £3.50 per person per sightseeing day for the guide and £1.50 per person per sightseeing day to the driver. If you are visiting either Bethlehem & Jericho and are given a local guide we would suggest $1.00 per person gratuity.

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