Luxury Holy Land Pilgrimage Packages

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If you’ve decided that a pilgrimage to Israel is the right path for you, there are few better ways to see this beautiful country and get closer to your faith than a private car driven by your own personal tour guide? The award-winning, in-house experts at ITS Travel are on-hand to help you develop your own itinerary, ensuring that you visit all the religious sites you want to, at your own leisure and pace.

A private luxury Holy Land pilgrimage offers you the benefit of having personal input into your itinerary and gives you ultimate flexibility once you reach Israel.

Pilgrimages to Israel can be luxurious with ITS Travel
When you choose a luxury Holy Land pilgrimage with ITS Travel, we’ll arrange for you to fly in premium class on scheduled airlines to ensure you’re comfortable and well-rested before you land in Israel and start your spiritual journey.

You will enjoy the best rates for Israel’s most deluxe hotels as we draw upon our unrivalled product knowledge and find you the best hotels that meet all your unique needs. Once you’re in Israel and on pilgrimage, you’ll have access to your own air conditioned, licensed tourist vehicle, operated by your own highly experienced government licensed private tourist guide.

Enjoy exploring your faith and deepening your connection to God on your own terms with a luxury Holy Land pilgrimage from ITS Travel today.

ITS Travel are the experts in luxury pilgrimages to Israel
The team at ITS Travel understands that one of the most important factors in your private Holy Land pilgrimage is having a highly experienced and knowledgeable private guide to accompany you throughout your pilgrimage. We’re committed to ensuring you have the best possible experience in Israel, and all of our pilgrimage tour guides are chosen through a meticulous selection process, helping to secure the best tour guide for your group.

Here at ITS Travel, we’re dedicated to ensuring your luxury Holy Land pilgrimage is an unforgettable experience, helping you to maintain and deepen your connection to God. For more information on our luxury pilgrimages to Israel, simply give us a call today on 0161 839 1111 or get in touch online.

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