Make the Most of your Pilgrimage – what to consider

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A pilgrimage is one of the most profound spiritual decisions a person can have. Those who take the decision to undertake a journey of such spiritual significance should do so after a period of considered thought. Though for those that choose the journey have the opportunity of a once in a lifetime experience.

Almost every major religion has a place of spiritual significance. These places of spiritual insight are located all over the world, and visitors travel from far and wide to come and renew their faith. Some of these locations are common to people of different religions and consequently receive a great number of visitors each year. However, the fact remains that undertaking a pilgrimage isn’t a decision to be taken lightly. Those considering the expense and time necessary to complete such a journey should consider how they can get the most from the experience.

The Intent

This is the first variable to consider. Those considering such a journey should consider the reasons why they intent to go. Some choose a pilgrimage to look for or renew spiritual strength, some do so to receive clarity on a decision they have made or are about to. Alternatively, some decide to re-ignite their own spirituality. The intention for undertaking a pilgrimage is the most important decision to be made. It’s the fulfilment of this that gives the journey its meaning.

The Destination

The destination of the journey has special significance depending on the type of pilgrimage chosen. Religions have their places of spiritual significance, as mentioned earlier, so choosing which one of these locations is a decision not to be taken lightly. The destination will also determine the bulk of your expenses. Often trips abroad are expensive anyone considering undertaking a pilgrimage should make sure that the destination falls in their budget.

The Elements

The final variable to consider is the climate, terrain and culture and how to adequately prepare for these. Many of us live in suburban or city environments, and as a result are ill-prepared for trekking across large landscapes at high temperatures. Those intending to travel to an unfamiliar destination should give adequate consideration to the physical preparation they’ll need to undertake. It’s wise to search the web to gain an understanding of the environment before making the decision to travel there. This way you’ll be thoroughly prepared.

These are just a few of the key factors that must be considered before you decide to undertake a pilgrimage. As with any journey, it’s paramount that you gain an understanding of what you’re about to embark upon, before setting off on the journey.

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