Memories from Educational Trips – Part 4

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Many years ago, I was with an educational tour in Jerusalem. In our itinerary was a dinner in one of Jerusalem’s top hotels. It was early December and a real quiet time for tourism.

This dinner for me was rather special, in as much as the Manager of the hotel was my old boss at the Tel Aviv Hilton and I had not seen her for many years. Hence I was really looking forward to it and I had shared my anticipation and the reason why with my group.

So, we all got spruced up and boarded our coach for a 7.30pm dinner.  We drove the short distance to the hotel. When we got off the bus, I was a bit surprised to see the hotel lobby lights off!

Rather hesitantly I walked in to the lobby and up to the reception and asked for the Manager and was told she was home in Netanya! (Some 50 odd miles away!)

Someone had forgot to book the dinner! But all was not lost. I spoke to her on the telephone and she opened her bar for the group to enjoy cocktails before dinner and she then instructed her chef to get cracking!

Cocktails before dinner lasted for about two hours or so and few of us remember the meal!!!

But what I do remember and appreciate, that my old boss handled the situation like a true professional.

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