New ideas for a Pilgrimage

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This section is for you the reader – we are looking for new ideas, new products and new and creative itineraries – simply something you always wanted but cannot find. The entry for the best submission will win a complimentary flight to Israel.

We have the following entries so far

1. The Protestant Reformation began in 1517. I suggest a pilgrimage to Germany (sites relating to Martin Luther) and Switzerland (sites relating to John Calvin).
2. Arrange trips to Israel to commemorate 100 years Balfour – The Balfour Declaration 2nd November 1917
3. Cheshire Regiment freed Jerusalem from Turkish control in Dec.1917, possible wide range of families with connections to this event. My wife’s grandfather is among many laid to rest in Jerusalem. (Visit to war graves)
4. Celebrate 100-year anniversary of the Battle of Beersheba.
5. Christian pilgrimages for single people.
6. Charity bike ride in the Holy Land.
7. Bird watching tour in Israel (March or September recommended)
8. Military interest tour of Israel.
9. 3-centre pilgrimage Israel, Jordan & Egypt.
10. The battlefields of the Bible tour of the Holy Land.
11. The Crusaders in the Holy Land.
12. A rail enthusiast’s trip to Israel, including the Hejaz railway.
13. Multi faith tours – singular or plural.
14. Political tours – see both sides of the political divide.
15. Archaeological tour including ‘Dig for a day’.
16. Flora & fauna tour
17. Botanical tour & the wild life of the Bible.
18. Desert Tour – jeep safari and camel trek & hiking.
19. Visit Israel’s many colourful markets.
20. ‘Taste of Israel’ – short duration tours- 5 nights 6 days
21. ‘LONGING TO RETURN’ To the Holy Land with some free time? This is for you -4 days with a guide visiting sites Old and New.2 days free in Jerusalem final day Guide to take us to the Chagal windows and the memorial at Yad Vesham.
21. A pilgrimage to the Galilee region only with time at leisure.
22. A day trip to Israel – based in Jerusalem.
23. A pilgrimage to Jerusalem only.
24. A tour of Israel’s Museums.
25. A trip to Eilat and enjoy the sun, fun and waters sports on the Red Sea
26. A break to the Dead Sea to enjoy the healing power of the Sun.
27. An LGBT interest tour – to link in with a Gay Pride Parade.
28. Shop to drop trip to Tel Aviv and visit shopping Malls and outlets.
29. A foodies trip to Israel. Enjoy a huge range of food from different cuisines.
30. Visit the 4 seas- Mediterranean Sea, Sea of Galilee, Dead Sea and Red Sea

All the above tours we can operate & more! We require a willing leader, who feels that he or she can be the catalyst for others to join.

Email us at [email protected] with your idea and/or comment re the current entries.

Entries will close on 31st July and in the August Newsletter

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