October Newsletter 2014

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Travel Tips


This month I would like to share with you a few luggage problems and how to avoid them.

First your hand luggage; here you keep all what is dear to you e.g. medicines, lap- tops, valuables, passports and important documents. So to leave it unattended is unthinkable. I have already mentioned that I know someone who had his hand luggage stolen at an airport arrivals hall, when he left it unattended in order to collect his suitcase from the conveyor belt.

Now you have two more real threats.

You place your hand luggage in the overhead locker on the aircraft and fall asleep. What is there to stop an opportunist thief rifling through it?


You take you hand luggage to the aircraft and the stewardess advises you that all the overhead lockers are full and that yours and all the hand luggage of those behind you must go into the hold.

The way forward is to ensure that you have your hand luggage padlocked at all times. Better still; carry on your person what is vital to you.

I still find it hard to believe that travellers till leave their suitcases unlocked and then wonder why items are missing, especially when they fly through Heathrow (akaThiefrow!).

There are a number of airports in the world where security is so tight that if their x-ray machine cannot penetrate the contents of your suitcase, your suitcase will undoubtedly be broken into. But no worries, if this happens they will put their own security band around your suitcase to avoid pilfering.


General Information

This month is a Christian Resources month – we are at Event City in Manchester 8th and 9th. For complimentary tickets please click here

The message we are receiving from the Holy Land – is that we are open for business as usual. I am sure that all of you know that when you visit the Holy Land, you are supporting an industry, which supports families from across both the religious and the geopolitical divide.

Next month is very hectic, with an educational tour to Turkey 10th – 17th and then onto Israel 26th November to 3rd December. Not to mention the World Travel Market at the beginning of the month! Here I was thinking of winding down – silly me!

I know we are a few weeks away from Christmas but just to let you know our plans.

Our last working day will be Friday 19th December and we shall reopen Monday 5th January. During this time we can see and reply to all our e-mails and during regular office hours our telephone calls will be diverted to a member of our team.

We have published the prices for our Winter Budget pilgrimage to the Holy Land – Israel, for the period 20th November 2015 – 1st March 2016 – the opening price for a minimum of 30 people, 7 nights tour with El Al scheduled service is £943.00 per person sharing a twin bedded room plus taxes. We grant one free person for every 10 paying passengers, plus we give the leader £10.00 per paying passenger a reimbursement of any expenses and last but by no means least, we also give you £25.00 per paying passenger as a donation to your church.

We have printed a dedicated brochure and for your copy please click here

Our web site has been updated and allows visitors to book on line see at http://www.itstravel.co.uk/join-a-group/

If your group is listed – please be kind enough to check all the details – including the short synopsis we have featured on you, the leader.

We have been asked, by so many leaders to list their groups, we feel by adding this new facility it will give a boost in sales for those listed groups.

We will be sending a copy of the booking forms that come in to the respective group leader.

Our educational tours for 2014 are full now and for 2015 it will be Israel – the Holy Land 2nd – 9th December 2015 – registrations are open to leaders who have never been before and who have every intention of leading their own pilgrimage tour.

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