Pastor Antony and Faith Tembo

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Pastor Antony and Faith Tembo are leaders of  Voice of Revival Ministries International UK  founded in 2008.It is a charity organisation registered under the charity commission and is currently engaged with supporting Israel through UJAI  and TEAM ( Together everyone achieves more) by sponsoring the building of a classroom block at a College in Western Galilee. We also work closely with the Jewish community in Leeds by hosting and organising a function called CELEBRATE ISRAEL once a year. As a couple we have visited Israel a several of times and was named a tourism Goodwill ambassador for Israel by the minister of Tourism ( Dr Uzi Landau) and also a title of JERUSALEM Pilgrim by The Mayor of  Jerusalem ( Nir Barket). It is their desire as a family to share the meaningful experience of visiting Israel with other people by organising a tour in November/ December.

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