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Italy offers a wide range of pilgrimage tours and we can organise the ideal package for you here at ITS Pilgrimages with scheduled departures throughout the year.  Working closely with church leaders and individual travellers, we will provide you with a spiritual tour of Italy you are never going to forget, combining the history, culture and religious significance of this beautiful country. For a breathtaking trip of a lifetime, let us organise a pilgrimage tour of Italy that you’ll remember forever.


Pilgrimage tours are very easy to arrange with us, we can design itineraries for all faiths and Christian denominations to suit the requirements of your group.  We take care and always ensure your pilgrimage is perfect from start to finish, so you are left with the most amazing memories of your religious experience.


Our services and tours include:

Rome and the Vatican, Assisi, Tours relating to St Francis and more.


Find out more about Pilgrimage tours in Italy and plan your visit

Whatever the reason you want to arrange a religious pilgrimage tour in Italy, whether this to reconnect with God or to deepen your faith, this general information will be useful:


  • Population: 60M.
  • Languages spoke: Italian, French & English
  • Main tourist centres: Rome, Venice, Florence, Naples, Sorrento, Assisi, Turin, Milan & Rimini.
  • Main Airports: Rome – Venice – Milan.
  • Currency: Euro: 1 = 100cents
  • Visa Requirements: None whilst we are members of the EU for UK citizens.
  • Health: You should have an EHIC card.
  • Gratuities: Taxis & restaurants 10%.
  • Time: GMT + 1.
  • Driving: Drive on the right-hand side.
  • International dialling code: 00 39
  • Climate: With its hot, dry summers and cool, wet winters, Italy experiences a refreshing Mediterranean climate. Sometimes cold air from northern Europe can spread south into Italy; bringing snow to most mountains, while the high sea temperatures keep the coasts nice and warm.


Contact ITS Pilgrimages to arrange a religious pilgrimage tour in Italy today        

Here at ITS Pilgrimages, we do everything we can so you can enjoy a truly one-off experience when you visit Italy on a religious tour. We believe in everything we do and are very passionate about the quality of our tours, so please contact us if you are a church leader or an individual that wants to book one of our religious pilgrimages.


You can found out more information about our Catholic or Christian pilgrimages to Italy by contacting us today or calling us on 0161 839 1111.

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