Privacy Statement



This document explains what we do with our client’s data.

1. Data supplied on your booking form
(a) This is shared with your airline.
(b) With our appointed local representative – DMC (Destination Management Company) at the destination.
(c) If applicable with our travel insurance suppliers

2. If you send us an e – mail – direct or via our web site
(a) We may add your email address to the list of subscribers to our monthly e-mail Newsletter – from which you can unsubscribe.
(b) We do not harvest any data if you contact us via our on-line chat facility

3. Booking files.
(a) All paper booking files are destroyed after 6 years
(b) Client’s names, address, telephone numbers and booking history are stored electronically by our reservation system (SARBS). This system is web based, which is secure and password protected.

4. Monthly Newsletter
(a) If you subscribe to our e mail monthly newsletter – the data given is stored on a web based directory- which is secure and password protected.
(b) From time to time we add e mail addresses to the list of subscribers; of people who we believe have potential for leading their own pilgrimage group. i.e. clergy ,etc
(c) Subscribers can unsubscribe at any time, it will never be reactivated.

5. Telephone calls
(a) Our telephone system currently records all telephone conversations outgoing & incoming. We have the facility to switch off the recording system when required – e.g. when receiving a clients credit/debit card details.

6. Credit/debit card details
(a) The merchant copy of all credit/debit card payment are kept by our accounts department for 6 years.
(b) A clients credit/debit card details once given and used are destroyed and not kept on the booking file.

7. Group Leader’s Details
(a) Unless otherwise instructed, we may divulge contact details of a tour leader, if a potential participate wishes to make contact with said tour leader – with the intention of joining his/her group tour.


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