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Each month we will answer one of your questions about how you can get more from your travels.

Question: My agent was rather upset that I had spoken to my guide directly before we departed and we had changed and in my opinion improved the itinerary. Why were they so upset, when I the client, was happy with this?

Two reasons. The first is cost. You may have added sites that incur an entrance fee or you may have added extra mileage – a few dollars here and there soon add up especially when you multiply it by the number of participants in the group.

The second is the paperwork/administration side. If say you have agreed with you guide to visit a particular site and the Israel agent had not prepared a voucher for the entrance fees – then you would have had to pay for it yourself.

If you have discussed your itinerary with your guide then it is always better to clear it with your tour operator before you go in order to avoid any nasty surprises.

Guides are good at what they do – it does not make them tour operators!

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