Revd Lena Ali

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I am a Methodist Minister for the past ten years but I do have good experience in leading Pilgrimages for well over 20 years to Israel, Fatima, Rome, Lourdes and Medjugorje. I have led 9 Pilgrimages to the Holy Land and for me and the majority of pilgrims, it is a most spiritually uplifting experience. Not only does the Bible come alive, but everyone is deeply moved and transformed knowing that they are walking in the Footsteps of Christ. Many pilgrims have returned to the Holy Land with me because they valued the experiences and wished to relive them.

On the Pilgrimages which I lead, every pilgrim is encouraged but not forced; to participate in morning and evening worship, Bible readings and hymn singing. Pilgrims who have never had the opportunity to lead worship have found the experience most rewarding. A Pilgrimage owes its success to the guide and driver and special thanks to staff at ITS,  we have been richly blessed with the best guide and driver in Israel.  The Itinerary is also instrumental in ensuring that maximum opportunities are given to visit sacred sites at a reasonable cost and Adrian has been most helpful in working with me to put a rather special Itinerary together. Please join us and I promise that this will be the best spiritual experience in your life. God bless you all.

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