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Marcia has previous experience of arranging Holy Land tours with ITS.

Marcia has been an ordained minister since 1991, accepted Christ 46 years ago, personal
encounter 39 years ago. She graduated from Hampstead Bible College in 1987 before going into
ministry in 1988 when she became a bible college lecturer. She has lectured since then, in many
countries across the world as an itinerant speaker/Minister/Pastor.

In January 2001 Marcia pioneered Love Fellowship Church. She started a not-for-profit
organisation for the large homeless population living in the London’s Waterloo area. Every
Sunday, for 15 years, they also attended church service, were fed, and received clothing and
other services. It has been an unconventional church and a true example of ‘church without
walls’. Rev Da Costa is known as the ‘Skippers Pastor’. Her heart in ministering to the rejected
and broken enabled her to move in the gifts of the Spirit in powerful yet unique way, seeing
weekly salvations and physical emotional and spiritual healing in so many lives. The membership
grew greatly over the years, coming from all over the world, most living on the streets. Lives were
changed, people rehabilitated into their homes, pastoral support.

Much of her life has been given to a dynamic prayer and teaching ministry, which took her to
many nations of the world. She had God given assignment to encourage and equip women in
leadership and ministry, including pastor’s wives, through ‘Women in Ministry and Leadership
Network’. She mentors many young men and women, and is a ‘spiritual mother’ to many, is a
Pastor to Pastors.

Inside and outside of the church Marcia’s experience is extensive, from being a staff minister in
her local church, teaching, preaching and travelling to many nations on missions. Marcia was a
member of the Board of Trustees for the African and Caribbean Evangelical Alliance (ACEA) and
lectured there. She is a member of the Evangelical Alliance, and has been on the Board of a
number of Christian organisations, a Chaplain to an organisation supporting ex-military personnel
and other organisations.

She does a lot of training in religious/faith and community groups on children, young people,
families and child protection; also does training in social work and management practice. The
breadth of her expertise in the Social Work Profession has enabled her to work extensively with
children, young people and their families on youth, management and Child Protection issues
which has enhanced her love for people.

Over the past 18 years Marcia has been a consultant to a number of strategic organisations,
giving independent advice at top levels, on various issues affecting different communities in

Previously Marcia received a Role of Honour Certificate of Recognition, from The African and
Caribbean Evangelical Alliance and sponsored by Premier Christian Radio, for outstanding
contribution towards Black Christian Faith in the UK. Marcia has received 2 nominations for the
Wise Women Awards 2012 – Christian Leadership and Woman in Community. Also received a
Commendation from the local Police for work with their staff and young people.

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