Rev’d Marian Jones

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The Rev’d Marian Jones is a retired Methodist Minister, still working part time and living in North Wales. She is a former nurse, Hospital Chaplain and Prison Chaplain, and has worked in church based ministry in North Wales, Lancashire and Yorkshire.
Over the last 38 years, she has led numerous groups to the Holy Land as well as going on ‘private’ visits. There are always new discoveries – new places, new excavations, new things to see – and part of the experience is to share in the reactions of first time pilgrims. She has also taken groups to Greece and Turkey ‘In the steps of St Paul’, as well as to Jordan and Rome and Assisi.

There are those who travel regularly, joining the groups she leads, and each time there are newcomers who see the Biblical sites with new eyes and share their experience. A pilgrimage brings the Bible to life!

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