The Benefits of Religion

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Every religion across the globe has served to benefit mankind. From Paganism to Christianity, Buddhism to Judaism the accepted belief in divinity provides comfort, peace and understanding to all. Paganism preaches the light and beauty of the world. Christianity teaches divine love and charity. Buddhism educates people how to noble, wise and gentle through the way that you conduct themselves, and in their relationships with others. Judaism and Islam emphasise devotion to God and Hinduism opens us all to the most profound spiritual possibilities.

Despite the intentions of religion it has often been used as a catalyst for igniting our most destructive desires. Intolerance and fundamentalism are all too often used as excuses for persecution or war. When religion is understood in the manner that it was intended the benefits enrich the lives of all.

Teachings of Goodwilll

All religions offer guidance on how to lead a happy and fulfilled life. It has to be said that a kind gesture, a warm smile or offering a helping hand to others can work wonders on a persons’ psyche. Religious teachings highlight positive behaviour and goodwill to others.

Some religions go beyond these teachings by encouraging us to love our enemies. It’s believed that living with hate in your heart is a pathway to turmoil and pain. Learning to accept and love your enemies will result in peace and happiness in your heart.

Mankind’s appetite for the unknown 

Throughout our history mankind has strived to understand what we do not. From the earliest civilizations to contemporary life mankind has always yearned to understand more than what they see and hear. This notion has encouraged us all to look deep inside ourselves for greater meaning. Devotion to religion can provide this fulfilment.

Leading a Selfless Life

Religious teachings emphasise the importance of understanding and serving your fellow man. There are few better rewards than putting a smile on someone’s face. Leading a selfless life can give you great fulfilment, and providing you don’t expect something in return, is very good for the soul.

Religious Music, Art and Culture

You cannot mention the ways in which religion has benefitted our society without discussing the impact it has had on music, art and culture. Religion has been the inspiration for some of the most joyous and profound music ever written and performed. Anyone can appreciate the divinity of Beethoven or Schubert.

The Renaissance is, perhaps, the greatest example of how religion has influenced artists. So enamoured was the Catholic Church with Michelangelo’s works of The Sistene Chapel and the Pieta they patronised him.

Religion asks you to have faith. Life isn’t immaculate, but the way that you choose to live your own life is up to you. Religious poetry teaches us how to enjoy a rich, selfless and fulfilling life. The beauty of words has touched people since the dawn of time. Religious teachings have examples of wisdom, beauty and hop, compassion and praise through words for thousands of years.

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