The great pilgrimage to Medjugorje

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This journey will take you across Croatia and Bosnia Herzegoniva and their four most popular Marian Shrines. It will give you an insight of culture, architecture, food, people and most of all – spiritual experience. Medjugorje has become one of the largest Catholic pilgrimage sites in the world, but you will also visit other places of pilgrimage that  will touch your heart. Celebrate the Holy Mass in beautiful churches, chapels and mountains along the way and meet people who live their religion and faith!

Day 1 Arrival to Marija Bistrica

Arrive at Marija Bistrica, check into your hotel and enjoy dinner.

Day 2 Marija Bistrica

Today you will visit the church of St. Mary of the Snows (sv.Marija Snjezna), where the Black Madonna was found in 1648 hidden in a wall of the church, just as the Turks were on the rise. Since then, the dark wooden statue, which one considers to be miraculous, is worshiped. After participating in the Mass, enjoy time at leisure. In the afternoon, a special experience is awaiting you: a workshop of gingerbread making! During this workshop you will be able to get in touch with local people and taste the famous Gverc, which is a drink made of honey and people used to call it the immortality drink because of its healing properties. Dinner will be served at a local tavern with local specialities.

Day 3 Sinj and Vepric – Shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes

After breakfast head to Sinj and visit the Sinjska Gospa sanctuary. Continue to the Holy Shrine of Vepric, which is located in a harmonious natural setting, at the foot of the wooded hill. The natural cave, its surrounding hills, plants and the spring, easily remind one of the French Lourdes. After a prayer in this spiritual place, your hotel in the Makarska Riviera awaits you with a tasty dinner.

Day 4 Medjugorje – St James Church and Apparition Mountain

Before midday, you will arrive in Medjugorje, one of the largest Catholic pilgrimage sites in the world, comparable to Lourdes and Fatima. Countless pilgrims have found faith and peace in this place. Visit the St. James Church and participate in the Mass with a priest from Medjugorje. Walk  to the Apparition Mountain, where Our Lady first appearedto the visionaries of Medjugorje. Tens of millions have climbed this mountain,pilgrims from all over the world and they tell of experiences that are deeply personal , intimate and life changing. After this truly touching walk return to your hotel in Medjugorje for dinner.

Day 5 Medjugorje- ther Cross Mountain and Cenacolo centre

After breakfast participate in a walk to the Cross on Mt. Krizevac, which overlooks the village of Medjugorje. The Cross Mountain lead pilgrims to reflect upon thjeir relationship with God and what they need to change in their lives to draw closer to Him. In the afternoon visit  Cenacolo centre to see the huge statue of pulling out Adam and Eve from the grave, just as He will pull out drug addicts from the hell of their drugs. You will also visit the amphitheatre where the residents have their counselling sessions and the gift shop. In the evening celebrate Mass followed by dinner at a local tavern.

Day 6 Mostar and Sarajevo

Depart from Medjugorje and head for Mostar, known as a melting pot of cultures and religions, where east meets west and north meets south. Enjoy free time in the Old Bridge area of the old city of Mostar before you continue to Sarajevo, where your local guide will show you the most interesting sites of the old town. Enjoy dinner at a local tavern, followed by a Bosnian coffee before you check into your hotel.

Day 7 Banja Luka and Zagreb

Depart from Sarajevo after breakfast and drive north into the direction to Zagreb. Stop in Banja Luka, a beautiful town surrounded by rolling green hills. After some time at your leisure continue to the close by Mariastern Abbey, where you celebrate Mass. Socialise with the Trappist monks and try their cheese specialities.Continue to Zagreb, check into your hotel and enjoy dinner.

Day 8 Zagreb

Zagreb is the capital of Croatia, learn about the history of the city on a walking tour and enjoy the sites such as Stone Gate, St Mark’s church with its colourful roof and many more. In the afternoon enjoy free time before you will celebrate your farewell dinner at a local tavern with local specialities.

Day 9 Departure



Included services:-

  • 2 nights including bed & breakfast in a 3* hotel in Marija Bistrica.
  • 1 night including bed & breakfast in a 3* hotel in Makarska Riviera.
  • 1 night including bed & breakfast in a 3* hotel in Sarajevo.
  • 4 dinners at your hotel in Marija Bistrica, Makaraska, Medjugorje & Zagreb.
  • 4 dinners at a local tavern with local specialities in Marija Bistrica, Makaraska, Medjugorje, Sarajevo & Zagreb.
  • Visit to the church of St. Mary of the Snows and Mass.
  • Gingerbread workshop including one glass of Gverc.
  • Visit of the Sinjska Gospa sanctuary.
  • Visit of the Holy Shrine of Vepric and prayer.
  • Visit of the St James Church.
  • Spiritual guide in Medjugorje.
  • 2 mass in Medjugorje (St James Church).
  • Walk to the Apparition Mountain in Medjugorje.
  • Walk to the Cross on Mt. Krizevac in Medjugorje.
  • Visit to the Cenacolo centre in Medjugorje.
  • Visit to Mostar.
  • Guided city walk in Sarajevo.
  • Bosnian coffee in Sarajevo.
  • Visit to the Mariastern Abbey in Banja Luka.
  • Mass in the Mariastern Abbey.
  • Cheese tasting in the Mraiastern Abbey.
  • Guided walking tour in Zagreb.
  • Travel Partner Tour Manager for the duration of the tour.




March to October.


*The above was designed by the Travel Partner Group and reproduced with their permission.

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