The Seven Depths of Emotionally Healthy Spirituality

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Our soul is precious. But what is our soul? In simple terms, our soul is who we are. It is our very essence. The presence of a soul can be identified by how we feel inside. Our emotions indicate the condition of our soul. For this reason having an emotionally healthy spiritual life is paramount.

How can be measure the depths of our spirituality in terms of our emotional health? Here are seven indicators.

The Depth of Personhood

How do we reflect on our own lives, even those finite daily interactions and perceptions? Do we bottle up our emotions? Do openly share who we are with those around us? A person able to share their fears, hopes, dreams, insecurities and joys with others is courageous and honest – a person with a deep personhood.

Depth of Redemption from the Past

We all have demons. Residual guilt or shame can have a lingering drastically-negative effect within our psyche. This has been vanquished in the truth, which is rooted in the very essence of the Christian faith. When you choose to believe the person that you were fades away. This rebirth is one of the most attractive aspects of Christianity – and one of reasons many turn to faith every year.

Depth of Acceptance of our Limitations

Strength is to know and accept our limitations. No one walks through life with limits. Not everyone is destined walk through life with the ability to walk a tightrope between two high rise buildings. Not everyone is destined to father nine children. Not everyone is destined to be responsible for the welfare of a nation. Understanding our purpose without failing to achieve a purpose that isn’t meant for us is one of the cornerstones of a spiritually healthy life.

Depth of Brokenness and Willed Vulnerability

Someone with an understanding to jettison self protection – especially when offering their strength to others is a person of great courage and understanding. This belief is highlighted in faiths the world over.

Depth when Experiencing Grief and Loss

Grief and loss are a part of life. There is only one solitary collective constant for every single individual in the world – we all die. To acknowledge this, and the grief that comes with death, is another pivotal aspect of sound emotionally-healthy spirituality.

Depth of Connecting with Others

Emotional intimacy with your fellow man is another pathway to emotional healthy spirituality. When experiencing a prolonged period of depression, one of the most effective ways to combat the turmoil is to help others.

Additionally, the ability to form meaningful relationships is paramount also. Adults do tend to become drawn into deep relationships in the wrong manner. Emotional and spiritual maturity allows us to form appropriately deep relationships, whilst erecting safe boundaries.

Depth of Integrity and Self Control

One of the more challenged aspects of faith in terms of emotions, yet one with the greatest long terms effects on emotional well-being is the ability to have our emotions work for us and not against us. The Ten Commandments can be treated as guidelines to a productive and happy life. Teaching us to not covert what we don’t have, not to hurt other people, not to be greedy in terms of possessions will allow us to keep our integrity.

Follow these seven tips and you’ll surely be able to enjoy spiritual and emotional wealth. Embrace who you are and who you were meant to be and you’ll have a happy life.


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