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2013 – March 4th to 14th
David Nunn

Ever since his first visit to the lands of the Bible David has been aware of the enormous privelage of being able to stand where the Bible’s great dramas took place. He has produced a series of seven films, in which viewers all around the world are able to ‘come with him’ to such significant sites and to be enthused by his passionate presentation. His work is held in high esteem and his are the official films of both the Israeli and Jordanian tourist boards.

David and his wife Giselle, are in great demand to lead parties to these magnificent sites – so this promises to be a very special tour indeed.

For his entire career he has been the honourary assistant organist at All Souls, Langham Palace, in the heart of London’s West End, and thus played an integral part in its internationally renowned teaching and music ministry.




2014 – May 6th to 13th

Rev David Hamblin

I am a United Reformed Church Minister serving at High Cross Church in Camberley, Surrey which is a LEP with the Methodist Church. I have been here since 2003. Prior to this I was a Minister at Christchurch and St Faith’s LEPs Hitchin and Pirton Methodist Church in Hertfordshire. I began my ministry at Bush Hill Park United Reformed Church, Enfield, North London in 1985. Since 1997 I have served in ecumenical situations with both the Church of England and Methodists. Consequently I am not denominational-bound and am accepting of Christians from all backgrounds and none.
I am married with 3 adult children. I led my first pilgrimage to The Holy Land in 1990 and have led 8 further pilgrimages there plus pilgrimages to The Seven Churches of revelation in Turkey, Rome and Assisi in Italy and Jordan and The Sinai. I have also taken a short course at St George’s College in Jerusalem.


2013 – June 3rd to 13th

Rev Glyn Jones

I am Reverand R Glyn Jones, married to my Canadian wife Lois, when we lived in Canada.Welsh speaking,graduated with a 2(1)in geography in 1964, lived and taught overseas from 1965-75.
Ordained by the Presbyterian Church of Wales in 1996. Aged 69, but feeling 21.Officially retired from full time ministry in the Llangollen and Ceiriog Pastorate, which had 3 Baptist, 3 Presbyterian , a Methodist and an United (all denominations) Church. Father to 4 children who have very responsible positions as Veterinary surgeon, University College Lecturer, Peadriatic A&E Consultant Doctor and a Computer  Consultant.
Grandfather to girls, from 18-1 yr old. Still involved in playing cricket, umpiring, refereeing, coaching , involved in football, table tennis, cycling( for  sponsorship), mountaineering, nordic walking, snooker, dominoes, draughts, playing cards. Involved with Christians in Sport.
I loved Mission work in Albania, Patagonia (Argentina). Taught Secondary School for 33 years. Head of Geography. Arranged trips through Schools and Churches , all over Canada from Vancouver to Halifax and Newfoundland.  To Bermuda, where my wife and I met. To the following other countries and cities :- Spain, N and S coast; Italy, from Lake Como, Rome, Florence Tuscany, Venice, Naples, Vesuvius , Sorrento etc. France, Normandy and Brittany, La Rochelle etc. Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, India, Jordan, Patagonia and of course Israel.
I have visited 7 times since our first visit in 1993. I always feel the presence of the Lord, through the Holy Spirit, encouraging and leading along the footsteps of Jesus.
I believe in all the gifts of the Holy Spirit, which assist me in my ministry. I naturally believe in Healing through prayer.
Prayer and a Quiet time : to be still (Psalm 46) very important ingredient of a successful trip.


2013 – November 18th to 25th

Garry Blair

Denomination: Evangelical Christian
God in His grace saved me when I was 18 years old, some 22 years ago… yes that does mean I’m 40 now! I am a full-time Bible teacher and evangelist working mainly with independent evangelical churches throughout Scotland. I do however give about 2 months of the year to wider travelling in ministry and these last two years have seen me in other parts of the UK as well as Italy, Albania, India and France, where I was a pastor/missionary for 10 years (1998-2008) in the Greater Marseille area. I am looking forward to taking a group from Grenoble, France to Romania this year (August 2012). I have completed Biblical studies at GLO, Tilsley College, Motherwell , BA in theology with Cross-Cultural Mission with the International Christian College (ICC) in Glasgow and I am in the final 2 months of completing a MTh in Biblical Interpretation with Aberdeen University in association with ICC. In total I have 17 years experience in full-time Christian work. Oh, and I should mention that I have one lovely wife called Kim and we have three young children Amy (7), Benjamin (5) & Charis (3)… affectionately known as A…B…C.

God Bless.


2014 – January 6th – 13th
Rabbi Douglas Charing

Rabbi Douglas Charing is the Founder-Director of the Jewish Education Bureau.

He is a co-founder of the Concord Interfaith group of Leeds,and was director of its

Multi-Faith Resources Centre.He was also connected with Sacred Trinity Centre,Salford throughout its 10 years life.
A few years ago he lectured on ‘The New Testament Through  Jewish eyes’ at the Manchester-based Northern Ordination College.
He has led many groups of Religious Education advisers inspectors and teachers to Israel and has also co-led one group of teachers ‘In the footsteps of St.Paul’.


2014 – February 12th – 19th
Rev David Sullivan

I have been on 6 tours with ITS and led 1 so far, with a wealth of, often, little known stories, facts and anecdotes about the places that we are visiting. I have produced more than 5 documentary and promotional films on Israel and the Palestinian Territories and have often introduced tour members to some interesting individuals doing humanitarian or Christian educational work in these places.

We have had some very interesting tours through the years from people of all Christian and religious backgrounds. On the tour which I led our tour members were fascinated to be able to visit Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial Museum and actually to stand next to the President of Germany, Christian Wulf (not arranged by myself or ITS, I might add) – a very emotional moment.

From the Negev to Nazareth I have been able to visit many of the “Bible Lands” sites and have the Bible come alive in front of my eyes – sunrise on the Sea of Galilee from my hotel bedroom window, hearing a children’s choir at Yad Vashem, floating on the Dead Sea with almost every nationality, glimpsing the prepared utensils for “the Third Temple” in Jerusalem and, for most on our tour, – the unmissable emotion of having a last night’s communion celebration at the empty tomb in the Garden of Gethsemane at dusk. Fascinating, breathtaking, tear enduring and joyful. Each trip is entirely different. Once while eating lunch in Jerusalem at a kibbutz run cafeteria, we quickly grabbed our cameras as a tour of over 20 Christian gypsies from France sang joyfully, with guitar, ancient and modern Israeli songs right in our midst. This tour is an experience to see the unexpected and expect what you have never seen on earth in the setting of the living pages of The Bible.

Denomination: Evangelical
2014 – March 3rd – 13th
Rev Paul Baird

I am Rev. Paul Baird (Church of England) with 22 years of experience in leading pilgrimage groups to the Holy Land.
I studied in Bethlehem and Jerusalem and ongoing PhD studies in Pastoral and Theological elements of the Israel-Palestine conflict.
Wide experience in Inter-faith work in UK, Europe and Middle East

Inter-faith speaker/workshop facilitator in UK, Europe and Israel

Chair of the South Hampshire branch of the Council of Christians and Jews (CCJ)  and member of the CCJ National Advisory Board.



2014 May 19th – 26th
Fr Robin Tree

I am an Anglican Priest in the Catholic Tradition and have just recently retired from full time ministry. Over the last 15 years my wife and I have lead many pilgrimages to various countries which include Italy (Rome and Assisi), Greece (Footsteps of St Paul), Turkey ( Seven Churches of Asia Minor), Jordan (Baptismal site and Petra), Egypt including Coptic Churches in Cairo and Sinai visiting St Catherine’s Monastery and ascending Mount Sinai. I have also lead many mid-week pilgrimages to Walsingham and also organised day trips to various places in England and some to France for parishioners.

Our aim is to encourage people to put place names mentioned in the bible into reality and to enjoy themselves as they visit another county.
2014 June 16th – 26th

Rev Michael and Mrs Linda Banfield

I am an ordained Baptist Minister, but since 1995 have been full-time Senior Chaplain at London Luton Airport. Although by the time of our pilgrimage I shall have recently retired, I am expecting to be continuing in both Airport and workplace chaplaincy together with any church based ministry that may be required of me well into retirement – although not by then living in Luton. My pre-ministry background is also in civil aviation, where I worked for two major airlines in the years after leaving school and before theological college. Airports, airlines, flying, and aircraft themselves have been part of my life.

But as a called and theologically-trained minister, I have also ministered in three Baptist churches over twenty years during my earlier ministry (in Portsmouth, Minehead, and Southampton), and am currently Interim Minister of a Baptist Church in Luton for some months whilst a new Senior Minister is prayerfully sought.

Linda and I have been married since 1970, and have two grown-up daughters and two young grandchildren. As a family, we have always loved travel and seeing new countries, with all the experience that brings into our lives – though when the children were young we weren’t able to take them to new countries! Now they take themselves!

Some years ago, before Airport Chaplaincy, Linda and I had the opportunity to lead various pilgrimages – four to the Holy Land and two to the Oberammergau Passion Play. These were wonderful experiences of being in the land Jesus walked, and provided great opportunities for a biblical ministry as our fellow-travellers found the experience of visiting sites associated with the presence, work, and teaching of Jesus so personally enriching. Since then, as an Airport Chaplain, it has been a joy to be able to meet, pray with, and support many pilgrims travelling through London Luton Airport to Israel.

The years of ministry, then, have given me experience of leading pilgrimages, ministering to people’s needs, and understanding airports and airlines. It may be a somewhat unique combination, but I hope you’ll consider joining us on what could be for you, literally, a journey of a lifetime.



2014 November 17th – 24th
Rev Simeon Damdar ACIS, FFA

Rev. Simeon Damdar is an experienced LONDON CITY MISSIONARY for 30 years, meeting and preaching in various denominations and outreach including Hospitals, Schools, Mission Halls.  Chaplain at London’s Bus Depot, to Railway Companies and British Transport Police.

In order to carry out the caring roll of Chaplaincy, I was also trained in Disability Awareness, Train Evacuation in Emergency, Conflict Avoidance the Practical use of Defibrillator and First Aid and Home Nursing and Fire Safety.

Presently I am a Chaplain to the Jewish Police Association and quite known to the Israel Govt Tourist Office and Israel’s El Al Air Line Office in London.


EXPERIENCE:  ‘As a Bible Land Tour Leader’ visited Israel over 50 times, and took Pilgrimage Groups throughout the Breadth and Length of the Country:-  From Mt Hermon to St Catherine’s – The 10 Commandment Mountains in the Sinai Desert.  Also to very many Biblical Sites, The Mediterranean Sea, The Sea of Galilee, the Dead Sea and The Red Sea.

I think that “ITS IS TRULY A SUPERIOR TOUR COMPANY”, and entrusted 29-30 Members of the Clergy (Male and Female) from over 10 Different Denominations, to my care and training “in an Educational and Familiarisation Tour to Israel.

The Ministry of Tourism in Jerusalem just simply asked me “How did you do this”, on having seen the satisfied clergies of different denominations under my care.

The Ministry of Tourism invited me to their offices in Jerusalem, and also a visit to their Parliament – The KNESSET.  To my surprise and delight I was awarded a special Certificate from the State of Israel and presented to me by the said Ministry of Tourism.

–   What a privilege it was for me to be trained in Tantur School in Israel by Dr. Jim Fleming, where Dr. Fleming took us to many archaeological sites including sites UNDER Jerusalem and to learn also how the Passover (Pesach) Meal was celebrated.


OTHER BIBLE LANDS – Nearby is Jordan, where I saw many Biblical Sites as described as far back in the Book of Genesis and where many New Testament activities took place – The Land of the Ammonites, the Moabites etc.  Overnight in Amaan, Dead Sea area, Petra, and Wadi Rum.

EGYPT – ‘Suez Canal, Red Sea, St Catherine, Cairo and its Museum, the River Nile; entered one of the three pyramids to the Burial Chamber.  Saw the place where Joseph, Mary and the Babe of Bethlehem stayed when they fled from King Herod.

TURKEY – ISTANBUL, The 7 Churches of Asia which are mentioned in the Book of Revelation.

GREECE – Athens, all the Biblical Sites from the North (eg) Thessalonica, to Corinth in the South.

MALTA – where nearby St Paul was shipwrecked

ROME – The Vatican, Forum, The Catacombs, The Coloseum.

Several Countries where I preached including The Philippines (for the Billy Graham Team) India, Zambia, Austria, Finland, Holland (for the Billy Graham Team in the Open Air).

USA – where also I am an Ordained Minister.

Canada – in Toronto

Caribbean – Barbados, Trinidad, Grenada, Jamaica, Virgin Islands, Guyana.

Why Me?!!  I am the first of thirteen in our household and thus had learnt to care for my brothers and sisters, (as oft times my father was ill) Early Sunday School days taught me the Scriptures, and so, as from 8 years of age, I chose the names of my brothers and sisters and my father agreed and registered what names I chose.

So apart from two sisters, the Names chosen by me were/are Daniel, Joshua, Isaiah, Aaron, Naomi, Esther, Elisha and Simon Peter.  You see what I mean!  Thus those early days have developed in me a strong desire to care for people (that’s, maybe why I left Accountancy to be the Lord’s Servant).  Every person who went with me to Israel have come back, strengthened in the faith, and living a more conquering life.

We are blessed in a special way because you are cared for, kept in harmony, peace and Safety in Israel; but most of all Thankful to God whose Word (The Bible) were written by the Jews, preserved by them for thousands of years, that you and I have the privilege of knowing and loving the Land, the People, the Land and the Lord.


“Come Thou with us, and we will Do Thee Good”

Rev Simeon Damdar



2015 – January 13th to 20th
Rev. Steve Pearman

Come with me as we explore the land Christ ministered in. Stand on the shore of Galilee and walk through the busy streets of Jerusalem. I have been to the Holy Land three times and excited at this opportunity to take you with me.Rev. Steve Pearman is a Baptist minister.


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