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Q. What happens if it is too dangerous (i.e. outbreak of war) to visit a country where we have booked our holiday or whilst we are at the destination?

1. Travel insurance does not cover for war.

2. As members of ABTA we abide by their code of conduct. If two weeks prior to your departure the Foreign and Commonwealth Office issue a travel advisory notice that advises all but essential travel to that destination – we shall contact you and give you three choices.

(a) Total refund bar the travel insurance premium.

(b) Option to go to another destination

(c) To postpone your departure

3. If you are at the destination and a Foreign Office Travel Advisory Notice is issued against all but essential travel to your location; we and/or our local agents will be in touch with you immediately. You will have the choice to either continue your holiday or return as soon as possible. You will be refunded for any unused accommodation and or sightseeing booked.

This two tips are based on my own personal experience.

1. When you are waiting for your luggage to arrive on the conveyor belt at the baggage hall at an airport – always keep your hand luggage in front of you; for I know of incidents where passengers have been so engrossed on looking for their suitcases, that they were unaware that their hand luggage (which was behind them) had been stolen! Normally you keep all your vital processions in your hand luggage.

2. If you are one of the unlucky ones, where another passenger has taken your suitcase in error (which is easily done!) Then look for the one that looks like yours and wait to see if it is the last one left on the conveyor belt.If it is, then take it to lost and found and the airline should be able to locate the person who has taken your suitcase in error. You can avoid this two ways (a) By making sure your suitcase is unique and easily recognizable as yours and equally not someone else’s! (b) Standing close to the start of the conveyor belt i.e. where they first become visible in the baggage hall.










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