Walking in the steps of Jesus

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Haydon Wilcox is a freelance, self-employed Anglican Priest, licensed in the Guildford Diocese.  He has been taking pilgrimages to the Holy Land and other destinations for 30 years and leads, once a year, a group

to Israel.  As a Chaplain to an Anglican Community of Religious Sisters he is mindful of the spiritual significance of each pilgrimage and as an adult educator equally aware of peoples’ needs to learn more about

their Faith.  As a counsellor he is committed to the importance of listening and all his pilgrimages involve an engagement with representatives of a whole range of communities: Jewish, Messianic, Christian, Muslim,

Samaritan and Secular.  His pilgrimages visit the traditional sites but they provide people with opportunities not normally found on the usual programmes, such as visiting the biblical sites on the West Bank, visiting projects of reconciliation and visiting the Samaritan Community on Mount Gerizim. to name but a few. Haydon welcomes all traditions to join him but prefers people with open minds, willing to hear, learn and make informed responses.

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