Why Lourdes and Fatima are Inspirational

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Those embarking on a pilgrimage have a wealth of destinations across the globe to choose from. Whether seeking a spiritual retreat, place rich in culture, or an opportunity to be closer to God, there are a number of different locations across the world to visit.

One fact that’s true of the Catholic faith is that the number of saints, popes, historical religious figures and events is vast. Some tours are more popular than others, with the most frequented historical location being The Holy Land itself.

Not far behind the often-frequented Holy Land is Lourdes in France and Fatima in Portugal. Both destinations attract a wealth of visitors each and every single year.

Lourdes, France is well-known for, not only the appearance of Mary to Bernadette Soubirous but, the celebrated Lourdes Water. Attracting people from across the world, Lourdes Water is considered to be non-liturgical holy water with patrons travelling to the location to bathe and drink from the spring.

Renowned for its curative properties, the water is free for those that desire it. Thousands of pilgrims across the world are drawn to Lourdes. In addition to the world-renowned grotto, Lourdes is famed for its Rosary Basilica, adorned with Neo-Byzantine architecture.

Fatima in Portugal is home to the fourth largest Catholic Church in the world. The Church was also host to one of the most miraculous events recorded in Catholic lore – the apparition of Marian to three siblings in 1917. Given that the site is one of the most notable appearances of the Virgin Mary, it should come as no surprise that thousands of pilgrims make the journey there each and every year.

Pilgrimages can be one of the most spiritual and enlightening experiences of a person’s life. When approached with an open heart and mind wondrous and often life changing experiences can be had. If you’re considering undertaking a pilgrimage to Lourdes or Fatima, you need only get in touch with ITS Pilgrimages and we’ll act as a guide to the whole experience.

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