Why should you go on a pilgrimage?

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At Its Pilgrimages we have been providing pilgrimage services to groups and individuals since 1991. Specialising in escorted and custom made tours, we have taken people to a number of countries including Turkey, Greece, Italy, and of course, the Holy Land. But why might you go on a pilgrimage and what can you get from the experience?

A pilgrim must be a child who can approach everything with an attitude of wonder, awe and faith. Pray for wonder, awe, desire. Ask God to take away your sophistication and cynicism. Ask God to take away the restless, anxious heart of the tourist, which always needs to find the new, the more, the curious … (Richard Rohr)

(via Ways To Grow In God)

To feel closer to God

Whether you wish to rekindle your relationship with God or just want to feel closer, pilgrimages will bridge the gap between you and God. They are a chance for seeking guidance, clarity or purification, whatever stage of life you are in and whatever issues you are suffering from. Taking refuge in a chapel or church is a way of temporarily moving beyond life’s insecurities.

To learn more about your religion

Celebrate you religion by giving thanks to God and returning to places of sanctuary, worship, or teachings. When you visit areas there will be a wealth of knowledge for you to immerse yourself in. No matter where you go there will be scriptures to read, artwork to look at, and locals to meet, which will all illuminate your religious learning.

To reassess your spiritual importance

Pilgrimages are spiritual quests which allow you to retreat from normal life in order to focus on spiritual virtues. Find peace and tranquillity amongst a busy city and know that you are always at home where God is.  Being in a foreign country can allow you to better find understanding. Placing yourself outside of your comfort zone in unfamiliar surroundings will better channel your thoughts, and provide time to think and reflect upon life.

(via The Guardian)

To experience a new culture

As well as being learning experiences, pilgrimages are adventures. Although they differ from travelling because they have a purpose, pilgrimages are a chance to visit new places. There are many places you can go and our wide range of pilgrimage tours, from Italy to the Holy Land itself, will allow you to live differently at that moment.

To imagine history as it was

Many see pilgrimages as a chance to walk in the footsteps of Jesus, the Apostles and the Saints. Treading through ruins and travelling along paths mentioned in the Holy Bible and scriptures will give a better understanding of history. Going to places that are or were important to the history of your religion can shape a better purpose.

For more information on the tours we offer at Its Pilgrimages have a look at our suggested itineraries. Contact us with any queries or booking details and we can help shape your ideal pilgrimage, whatever it is you are looking to get out of it.

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